Talent solutions

Finding your top engineering talent is our mission

Apex’s recruiting team are mechanical engineers with advanced degrees and many years of experience in a variety of leading companies. We understand both the broad nature of mechanical engineering and the specific niches that define it. We are dedicated to helping manufacturing firms, ranging from industry-leading corporations to cutting edge startups, find the talent they require to design and build the mechanical systems that will bring success. We provide a full range of flexible and efficient solutions to help our clients, including managed contingent workers, temporary staffing, and direct hire placements.

Why Apex?

  • Candidate sourced and interviewed by mechanical engineers
  • No upfront cost until you hire
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Broad talent network

Our services

Contingent workforce

Contingent worker

Our talents are sourced and interviewed by engineers who understand your specific niches. We provide high quality solutions on a timely basis at competitive rates.

Temporary contract

Temp contract

We have the flexibility and scale to deliver specialized engineering expertise, when and where you need it. We help our client leverage temp employees to quickly scale up or down team members as needed.

Direct hire

Direct hire

Our recruiting team are 100% engineers. We screen and interview candidates for character, competence, and chemistry based on your requirements. We are committed to making sure you have the right talent to meet the challenge.

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