At Apex CAE, our core philosophy is to provide impactful value to our clients by helping them solve the most challenging problems. We have in-depth engineering knowledge and simulation skills to predict accurate physical behaviors of design concepts that are often costly and time consuming to prototype. We work with our clients to define the scope of a project and provide fixed price quotation. Typical cost are as follows,

Part level analysis ($700-$1500 per analysis)

  • Static stress and strain analysis
  • Thermal-structural analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Deliverables include a report of results data such as stress, strain, force and vibration behaviors
  • Usually turn around in 1-2 weeks after receipt of inputs

Detailed multi-part subsystem level analysis ($1000-$3000 per analysis)

  • Nonlinear stress and strain analysis
  • Nonlinear thermal stress analysis
  • Nonlinear contact analysis
  • Shock analysis
  • Usually turn around in 2-3 weeks after receipt of inputs

Full system analysis (Cost depends on the scope and complexity)

  • Examples includes full system drop and crash analysis
  • We work with clients to define step by step proposals and quotation

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