Adhesive (CZM)

Adhesive (CZM)

Using adhesives for mechanical attachment and sealing has become a trend in recent years in consumer electronic industry. Comparing to fasteners and mechanical interlock features, the application of adhesives helps reduce size and weight, and improve appearance. However, adhesive failure has also become a common risk owing to its compromised strength comparing to traditional attachment methods such screws. Simulating adhesive failure is challenging because of following reasons.

  • Adhesive type failure is highly dependent on processing such as surface condition and preparation.
  • Traditional solid elements only models failure initiation. Cohesive zone elements are required to simulate propagation
  • Adhesives are typically viscoelastic material and tests are required to capture those properties.
  • Adhesive strength are strain rate dependent. Different strengths are expected at quasi-static and dynamic load

At Apex CAE, we are experienced in simulating adhesive failures. We closely work with our test partners to capture strength at both low and high strain rate through quasi-static and impact tests. We also capture viscoelasticity through DMA tests. Based on these data, we can set up cohesive zone element to simulate the initiation and propagation of the adhesive failure.

Double cantilever beam debonding

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